Please follow all steps explained below to setup your RStudio environment for this course and to solve your first RTutor problem set.

1 - Install R and RStudio

1.1 Install R

Download R 3.6.3 (base version) from here:

Pick your operation system and the the subdirectory base. If you have a Windows PC you can directly click here:

The install the downloaded file. You don’t need to adapt the default install options.

1.2 Install R-Studio

We will not directly start R, but use RStudio instead. Go to the following link to download RStudio onto your laptop and then install it:

It is not necessary to check/uncheck special options if you do not want to do so.

2. Adapt global options in R Studio

Click to watch a Youtube video for Step 2

2.1 Turn off “Save workspace” (Important!)

You should now definitely set the following options in RStudio to make sure that RTutor does not get caught in a state of perpetual error.

Go in RStudio to the Menu Tools -> Global Options. Set the options for “Workspace” as highlightes in yellow in the Screenshot below and then press “Ok”.

2.2 Optional: Don’t show R output inline

Personally I also turn off the default global option to show output of R code inline in RMarkdown documents. I think this makes RTutor problem sets easier to work with, but that is a matter of taste. See the screenshot to turn of that options:

3. Install all required R packages for this course

Please, follow this step even if you have already RTutor installed. I have updated RTutor and sktools since the last course.

Click to watch a Youtube video for Step 3

4. Download and solve the first RTutor problem set

Click to watch a Youtube video for Step 4 = 'ENTER A USER NAME HERE' # set to your user name

for example to = 'clara_ulmer' # set to your user name

Your username should identify you and be the same for each problem set. Again avoid special character like ü or ß.

```{r "1_a"}

# enter your code here ...


Change it to

```{r "1_a"} 

123 + 257